Pure Essential Oil Strawberry - 500ml


Pure Essential Oil Strawberry - 500ml
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Due to high content of folic acid, or vitamin B9, the strawberry has strong blood-producing properties. This acid also helps maintain a good memory. The strawberry contains active substances that can improve heart function, make the blood vessels more elastic and lower blood pressure.


Botanical Name : Fragaria Vesca

Country of Origin : Canada

Methods of Extraction : Cold Pressed Method


Strawberry oil is one of the highly preferred oil applied to improve skin glow, face glow, for beautification and to keep away from different diseases. Botanical name of strawberry oil is Fragaria Vesca that is also used as liver tonic, mild laxative and as an astringent. It is pale yellow to a light green in color with a pleasing characteristic odor. Natural strawberry oil is the rich source of vitamin, Alpha Linolenic Acid, phytonutrients and essential minerals that help in rejuvenating your body in the effective way. Now, you can buy strawberry oil at wholesale price from one of the reputed strawberry oil manufacturers from the comfort of home. Get bulk strawberry oil for the overall good for health, skin and body.


Product Info

* Pure Strawberry oil is an effective essential oil for various ailments that also brings a lot of benefits in beauty and skin care.

* Botanical name of Strawberry oil is Fragaria Vesca.

* Natural strawberry oil is pale yellow to light green in color with pleasant characteristic odor.

* Pure strawberry oil is also used in making herbal tea (in certain cases).

* Strawberry oil is originated from Canada, and certain parts of America.

* Cold pressed method is the common method of extraction of Strawberry oil.




* Pure strawberry oil is used for a number of health benefits like astringent, diuretic, arthritis, and gout

* It also works as a perfect liver tonic and improve digestion

* Natural strawberry oil is very helpful in boosting your skin internally and with providing relief in digestive upsets

* For the treatment of diarrhea, bulk strawberry oil is the best option

* Natural strawberry oil is also used widely for aromatherapy and massage.

* For the manufacturing of different lotions and creams, serums, lip care products, sun care formulations, anti-aging products and hair care products.

* Pure Strawberry oil is also healthy and beneficial in hair care.


Therapeutic Properties


* Therapeutic properties of Strawberry oil include anti-ageing, anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and similar others.



* Pure Strawberry oil blends well with different essential and carrier oil to provide maximum health benefits. Rosemary, Moringa, Cucumber, Marigold, etc are different essential oil that blends well with Strawberry oil.

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