Perfume Shower Gel 200ml - Marine


Perfume Shower Gel 200ml - Marine
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More Perfume Shower Gel -


More Perfume Shower Gel made from major natural plants extract and non-alcohol suitable for all skin type. It perform refresh odor, whitening, firming, regain skin elasticities and fragrance touch last more then 8 hours.


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Fragrance Direction : Unisex

Fragrance Odor : Fresh and Wild

Product Performance

* Perfume Lasting 8 hours

* Refresh Body Odor

* Improve Skin Textures

* Skin Whitening

* Skin Firming

* Regain Skin Elasticities

* Non Acohol

* Suitable For All Skin Type

* Suitable For All Age


Immediate Whitening Result : Test by shampooing your left hand and compare with your right hand immediately seeing whitening results.


Immediate Odor Refreshing Result : Fill your hand with smoke or onions, wash and smell immediately odor refreshing results.


Packing Size : 200ml


Direction : Gently apply to wet body, wash then rinse off.


Ingredients : Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Eether Sulfate, Cucumber Extract, Rose Extracts, Lemon Extracts, DMDM Hydatoin, Fragrance, Color, Aqua.



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